Drive on a 4×4 in a circuit

Drive on a 4×4 in a circuit, at Stress & Adrenalina we have our own 4×4 trial driving circuit, which is closed to the general public and is for the exclusive use of our clients.

It was once a vineyard, and still today the original vines provide a backdrop, making it different than any other circuit you will find. The vines around continue to grow, changing the surrounding landscape according to the season.

Our driving circuit is built amid the vines and features a range of different obstacles so that you can get the most of your 4×4 driving experience. The fact is it is hard to explain, so why not come and try it out for yourself?

You can see videos of our cars in action on our youtube channel.

Drive on a Nissan Patrol Extreme 4×4 in a circuit for under-18s

If you are over 18 and do not have a driving licence, or you are under 18 and your dream is to drive, you can do it with us. We will show you how to drive a Nissan Patrol Extreme on our 4×4 trial circuit without the need for a driving licence. Different options and prices are available.
Stress & Adrenalina organizes 4×4 driving days from €30, on the first Friday of each month. All you need to do is call and we will reserve you a place.
Give original activities with Stress & Adrenalina as gifts.

Nissan Patrol Extreme 4×4 driving for adults

Drive on a 4×4 in a circuit, from €80 you can drive one of Stress & Adrenalina’s Nissan Patrol Extreme 4×4’s on our 4×4 trial circuit, traversing different obstacles, crossing a wooden bridge, climbing and descending steep slopes, and putting the vehicle into the most extreme situations you can imagine. In short, a complete extreme 4×4 driving experience.
This is the best 4×4 experience for enthusiasts of off-road driving.

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