Treasure hunt on Montserrat mountain

The Montserrat massif is unique, as can be seen by its “needles”, as its rounded peaks are called. Its original relief is one of the most spectacular features of the Montserrat mountain range.

Montserrat mountain’s highest peak is the summit of Sant Jeroni (1,236m). From here we can admire a wonderful view, which even includes the island of Majorca on days of good visibility.

We will meet the group in the car park of the Montserrat monastery, and divide everyone into different groups depending on the number of participants.

The members of each team will wear the same colored t-shirts so as to tell them apart from the other teams and make locating them easier.

Each group will be accompanied by a local guide, who will give them a treasure map, an envelope with different tests to perform, and some time limits to finish them in.
The map will indicate the location of the tests.

The tests will be spread over several places in this wonderful environment.
The tour takes place entirely on foot, and against the clock, to reach the end!!!!

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