Stress & Adrenalina’s gastronomic gymkhana

Gymkhana is an Anglo-Hindu term meaning “a set of tests of skill or ingenuity carried out by teams along a specific route, usually outdoors and with the idea of having fun.”

Discover Barcelona through its gastronomy

“Catalan cuisine is the landscape placed in the pot,” as writer Josep Pla said. The Mediterranean essence permeates our traditional cuisine, which includes famous dishes, such as canalons (Catalan cannelloni) and crema catalana (similar to crème brûlée). This historical legacy has inspired the innovative work of local chefs, such as the Roca brothers, Ferran Adrià and Carme Ruscalleda. Tradition and the gastronomic avant-garde have made quality and local produce the basis of the cuisine, which has turned Catalonia into an international point of reference in the culinary world.

Do you want to try Catalan cuisine in a different way?


This is a mixture of culture and gastronomy. The groups have to follow a map that will guide them through the old part of the city, the Eixample neighbourhood, and so on…. and answer the questions posed, do the tests, and find the different tapas restaurants to enjoy several tastings.

This is a good way to discover the old part of the city, the most elegant avenue in Barcelona and sites by different architects, while enjoying the local gastronomy.

Each group is accompanied by a local guide.

Note: The test can be customized with material and information about your company.

The activity can also be carried out in other locations.

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